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RESI Metal Roofing is an Australian company that specialises in all facets of roof replacement in Sunshine Coast. Our outstanding reputation in the business did not develop overnight. It has grown consistently and predictably as a result of our unwavering dedication to providing high-quality roof replacement services and client satisfaction. Each time we replace a roof, we work diligently to ensure your piece of mind! Our customer support and responsiveness are unparalleled, and we never hesitate to go above and beyond.
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Our Vision and Mission goals guide our team at all times!

Our Mission

RESI Metal Roofing is devoted to being recognised as the ideal provider for roof replacement in Sunshine Coast and surrounding regions by

Our Vision

At RESI Metal Roofing, our aim is to perform at the best degree of craftsmanship and professionalism to assure client satisfaction in all areas, including punctuality, attention to detail, and a service-oriented mindset.

Our Core Values

Our fundamental values define our priorities and define what we stand for. We adhere to the following key principles every day, and you can expect nothing less from RESI Metal Roofing.

Do the Right Thing

This entails treating our customers, staff, and partners as we would like to be treated ourselves. To provide genuine value to our clients, we employ only the finest tools, equipment, and supplies on the market. We maintain safety in every element of our operations so that everyone may return home safely at the end of a productive day.

Sincere and Ethical

Unfortunately, the roofing sector lacks a reputation for honesty. We emphasise the significance of all team members expressing the truth and upholding their word. Even if we must deliver bad news, we do it with total candour in order to help identify problems, consider the best course of action, and find a solution.

Confident But Humble

Our roofing team is lucky to have a team of experienced, qualified, and competent roofers. While we like sharing our ideas, we also listen to, learn from, and collaborate with our clients. We keep our egos in check, which enables us to continuously develop in every aspect of our organisation.


At RESI Metal Roofing, every team member is responsible for their performance to satisfy the demands of our clients. We establish commitments and monitor our progress towards achieving our shared objectives. Regardless of our individual responsibilities, we are all expected to provide outstanding outcomes.

Team Player

Serving our clients' demands involves a high degree of cooperation and teamwork. Together, we use our resources to give the finest customer service possible. We all benefit when our clients succeed!

In Sunshine Coast, Australia, we have rebuilt hundreds of residential and commercial structures. Most likely, you have previously observed one of our roofs.

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